Graziosa which stands for grace/favour in french was established in July 2013 after seeing an opportunity that is there in the fashion industry, and the need that men and women have today for looking good...and of cause the love for fashion and looking good that the Directors have.

Graziosa prides itself with the quality and standard of the products and services that we offer our clients, from designing your ideal dress to planning your bridal shower, Graziosa can tailor-make everything for you to suite your pocket and your personality.

Diligence, Quality and loyalty are the tree pillars that Graziosa is built upon and we rely on the wisdom from God to run the company efficiently.


To keep abreast of all the fashion trends while ensuring that our products are unique.

To go beyond needles and threads, but to build long and lasting relationships with our clients.

Provide quality services and client satisfaction at all times.


To ultimately have a store, apart from the already operational online store.

To go beyond making garments but to create employment and development through community based projects.

Our Designs